Two Grills 2014

Two Grills 2014

1/7/17 I've been updating my sketch blog with new speed paintings. Feel free to follow along to see my progress. 

5/1/16 Wow! Swarm Con 2016 was great! Many thanks to all of the wonderful people I met and interacted with this weekend. I had a blast. 

4/26/15 Check out my etsy store to purchase artwork and prints!

I've also added a new piece to the sketch blog and will be updating new work to the site over the next few days.

12/7/14 I've added a blog to the site. Its main purpose is to show sketchbook pages, or process work for new pieces. 


Another new illustration has been added to the Illustrations page. I will likely be updating more over the next week or so. These images are in the new Steampunk series I've been doing. They're pen and ink on brown paper, with a touch of copper as an accent. I've had a lot of fun creating this series. I hope you enjoy them!


My first Dragon*Con Art Show went pretty well! I sold a few things, saw a lot of great artwork, and enjoyed the show. I've updated my etsy shop with a new print from Dragon*Con. I sold the original drawing of this work, but prints art still available here.


I have added a couple steampunk samples into the Illustrations category. I had fun experimenting with these and I am currently working on a whole new portfolio of Steampunk images to display at Dragon*Con this year. 


I've updated the illustrations section with an image that will be in an upcoming show in Savannah, GA entitled Immediate Surroundings. The show is open now and runs through August 24th. 

I wanted to take a minute and plug a kickstarter that I think is worth checking out. My wife (Mirana Reveier) has been doing the covers and the interior coloring for an exciting new comic called Gates of Midnight, which is being published by Kymera Press. They are an all female team who want to create and publish comics by women, for women, and about women. The comics industry really needs a company like theirs, so please check out the kickstarter. You're not just funding a really fun story that my wife happens to work on, you're funding the future of women in the comic book industry. Please check it out:

Gates of Midnight.



First post of the new year! I hope its going well for everyone so far!

Two new images have been added to the Vector section, and one to the Illustration section. The vector images are portraits that were done as gifts for my family, and the new illustration is of an old Appalachian folktale involving a creature called the tailypo. I had a lot of fun working on all of these images. 


I've added two new images into the Illustration section. Enjoy!


Another new piece has been added to the Vector category! I made a stamp as a tribute to Neil deGrasse Tyson and the return of Cosmos next year. Check it out!



I've started taking an online Computer Art course at SCAD to round out my skill set. Its only been a week, but I feel that I've learned quite a bit already. I've posted some new work in the Vector category that I completed this week. 


This weekend I will be in Jacksonville, FL for Ancient City Con! I'll have a table with various prints and paintings for sale. If you're in the area, come down and check it out!