Daily Sketches

Some new and old sketches! These are mostly warm-up exercises. 

                                                                                                                                        Bela Lugosi, Manga Studio

                                                                                                                                        Bela Lugosi, Manga Studio

                                                                                                                                     Archer, graphite in sketchbook

                                                                                                                                     Archer, graphite in sketchbook

                                                                                                                                              Crochet, watercolor

                                                                                                                                              Crochet, watercolor

Werewolf Attack Process

Here's a bit of the process I went through in creating one of my latest images, Werewolf Attack! 

Werewolf Attach Rough Sketch

I started out with a pencil sketch. This one has my original scanned pencil sketch with a few added digital layers. I was playing around with different head shapes and the direction some of the werewolves were looking. Everything was really rough and loose at this stage. I like the movement and energy these rough drawings have.

FIrst Rough Color Block In

Here's the first rough version of the color block in, or flatting, stage. At this point I was really just going for overall value and trying to figure out the basic palette. I wasn't very far along when this version was saved.

Color Rough

ThAt this stage I've got the blocking done and I'm starting to refine it more. During this part of the process its good to keep the image fairly small on the screen and work on overall value throughout the whole piece. Its usually not a good idea to zoom in and work on small details because it can throw off the balance of the composition. Its a good idea to keep it small and work with one or two basic brushes at this stage, just to slowly build up the value ranges and keep the focal points from getting lost. This part takes the longest. Once you get your overall values correct, then you can zoom in and refine areas, but its good to keep some areas less detailed than others. The focal points should have more refined detail to keep the eye focused on the important action!

Here's the final version of the illustration. I hope you like it!

Sketch Challenge Days 1 through 6

I've recently joined a few new sketch groups. The first is Savannah Drink N Draw, where a small group of people get together and sketch at a local pub. Usually each night a theme is presented, but there's no pressure to necessarily draw the theme, its just more of a guideline. They have an instragram page that I recommend following, because some crazy stuff gets posted, especially on their Exquisite Corpse nights. Check it out here: http://instagram.com/drinkndraw They also have a facebook page here:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/SavannahDrinkandDraw


I've also joined a Facebook group called Daily Drawing Challenge. This group was started by an old professor of mine from SCAD and features a new photo each day to serve as inspiration for a warm-up sketch. Here are the first 6 days worth of sketches. We're up to Day 16 now, and I am behind, so I may post a few more image-heavy posts like this. 

Day 1: This is Copic F01 drawing pen and brush pen on 6x6 bristol vellum. I love these Copic Drawing pens. They're nib tips, so they allow for some nice line variation, and you don't have to keep dipping in ink like a traditional nib or brush. 

Day One


Day 2: I decided to get some inking practice in Manga Studio. There can never be enough inking practice. 


Day 3: The photo was a barbarian holding an axe, but I decided to turn it into Axe Cop. Just a quick sketch in my sketchbook.


Day 4: This one is brush pen on paper. I wanted to go for a Tsutomu Nihei look from BLAME!


Day 5 and 6: These are just quick sketches in my sketchbook. Day 5 was the day before Thanksgiving, and everything after that I didn't have time to do.